Welcome to the website of the Cyprus Semiotics Circle (CSC). We are a local community of academics, researchers, scientists, designers, artists, and friends who share a common interest for the study of signs and signification in culture.

Semiotics is a research area which seeks to discover systems of meaning in all the phenomena of civilisation in current as well as past societies. The object of study of Semiotics includes verbal and non-verbal communication, such as text, image, sound, colours, graphics, typography, animation, kinetics, architecture environment, design, literature, translation, everyday behavior, forms of expression such as theatre, cinema, arts, multimedia, in general anything that evolves meaning.

In this way, Semiotics intersects with all arts and a wide range of theoretical and applied sciences, from sociology, folklore, anthropology, archaeology and psychology, through to philosophy, linguistics, cultural communication and literature review, visual communication to architecture and town planning.

We welcome proposals, suggestions and collaborations that relate to the interests of the Cyprus Semiotics Circle. Our aim is to provide a platform for exploring, contributing and embracing ideas that encourage scientific research for the study of meaning, art and design practice in the context of Semiotics, Visual Communication, Social Engaged Design, Poetry, Literature, Typography and Graphic Communication.

Please click here for our 5th International Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication which is organised under the theme ‘The Semiotics of Otherness’ to take place from the 26th to the 28th of June 2024 at the premises of Cyprus University of Technology in Lemesos.


Prof. Evripides Zantides, Ph.D.
Cyprus University of Technology